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Coordinate Measuring Machines

Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines are available in a wide range of sizes and accuracy classes to cover practically all precision 3D measuring applications, with every machine representing an excellent investment in terms of productivity, versatility, quality of construction, training and service support.

Crysta-APEX V  MUK Download  
MiSTAR 555 CMM PRE1510 Download  
CMM Overview MUK  Download  
CMM Surface Measure E16000(4) Download  
CNC CMM Special Spec Intro  E16007 Download  
Crysta-Apex S Series  E16004(6) Download  
Crysta-Apex S MUK Download  
Crysta-Plus M443/4500/M700 E4332-196 Download  
Crysta/Strato/Falcio E16009(2) Download  
Ko-Ga-Me MUK Download  
Legex 500/700/900/1200 E16012 Download  
Legex 9106 E16017 Download  
MACH 3A 653 MUK Download  
MACH Series E16010(2) Download  
MAFIS-Express MUK Download  
MAFIS Express PRE1422 Download  
MCOSMOS PRE1156(6) Download  
Measuring Heads for CMM PRE1312(4) Download  
MiCAT Planner PRE1446 Download  
Probes for CMM E16005 Download  

Probes for CMMs

E4292 Download  
STRATO-Apex Series PRE1370 Download  
Surftest Probe MUK  Download  
Fixtures PRE1403(2 Download  
Styli and Accessories PRE983017(4) Download  


Vision Measuring Systems

Mitutoyo Vision Measuring Systems are available in a wide range of sizes and accuracy classes to cover practically all precision 2D and 2½D measuring applications.

Hyper Quick Vision WLI Series E14001 Download
Quick Image QIPAK PRE1421 Download
Quick Scope PRE1281(7) Download
Vision Measuring Systems MUK Download
Vision Overview PRE1320(4) Download
Quick Vision TP Series PRE1353 Download
Quick Vision Active 2223 Download 
QV Stream Plus E14017 Download
Ultra Quick Vision E4224-361  Download
UMAP Vision System E14000 Download
Fixtures PRE1403(2 Download
Styli and Accessories PRE983017(4) Download



Form Measurement

Mitutoyo Form Measuring Systems are available for efficiently assessing complex shapes, from radiused to cylindrical, from flat to compound curved, including the vital factor of surface roughness. 

Contracer CV-2100 Series PRE1412 Download
Form Measurement PRE1154(6) Download
Formtracer SV-C3200/4500 PRE1385 Download
Roundtest RA-10 PRE1410 Download
Roundtest RA-120/RA-120P PRE1411 Download
Roundtest RA-1600 MUK Download
Roundtest RA-2200 MUK Download
Roundtest RA-H5200 PRE1363 Download
Surface Measurement PRE1237(5) Download
Surftest SJ-210 MUK Download
Surftest SJ-310 PRE1383 Download
Surftest SJ-410 PRE1387 Download
Surftest SV-3100 MUK  Download
Surftest SJ-500 & SV-2100 MUK Download
Surfstand MUK Download 



Optical Measuring

Mitutoyo microscopes and profile projectors are available for assessing many types of workpiece where a non-contact measurement method is deemed the most effective. 

Hyper MF / MFU- E4267-176 Download
M Plan Apo NIR B E14015 Download
MF / MF-U Series PRE1431 Download
Microscope Units & Objective Lenses PRE1299(2) Download
Overview of the MF Series PRE1404 Download
PJ-A3000 PRE1162(2) Download
Profile Projector PJ/PV/PH Series E14005 Download
QM-Data 200 & Vision Unit E14008 Download
TM-505/510 E4158-176 Download
Wide VMU Series E14014 Download
Fixtures PRE1403(2 Download



Sensor Systems

Mitutoyo offers Linear Gauge, 2- or 3-axis Display Units and Laser Scan Micrometer systems suitable for many precision measuring applications.

Laser Scan Micrometer E4156-544 Download
High-accuracy Length Measuring Systems E13017 Download



Test Equipment & Seismometers

Mitutoyo Hardness Testers are available in a wide range for testing hardness according to the methods in general use, either on the workbench or in situ.

Hardmatic HH-300 E4137-811 Download
Hardness Testing Machines PRE1405 Download
HR-100/200/300/400 PRE1364 Download
HV-100 Series PRE1430 Download
HH-411 Impact Type Hardness Testing Unit E4299-810 Download
Micro Vickers Hardness Testing E17003 Download
Wizhard HR-500 E4177-810 Download
Wizhard HR-500 MUK Download



Digital Scale & DRO Systems

Mitutoyo Digital Scales are available as standalone units with built-in Digimatic display, convenient for retrofitting to equipment where moderate measuring accuracy is sufficient, or in the highly accurate Linear Scale form designed for machine tool and measuring machine applications. 

Absolute Digimatic Scale Units E316-572R Download
Linear Scale AT402E E4287-539 Download
Linear Scale ABS AT715 E4296-539 Download



Small Tool Instruments & Data Management

Small measuring tools are the backbone of measurement in industry and Mitutoyo offers a complete range to cover practically all requirements, whether an application only needs just a basic caliper or tolerances are so tight as to demand the most accurate and highest resolution hand-held micrometer available today. 

1D/2D Linear Height Gauge E4162-518 Download
ABS Coolant Proof Digimatic Indicator E4302-543 Download
ABS Coolant Proof Micrometer E4260-293/500 Download
ABS Digimatic Indicator ID-C E4330-543 Download
ABS Digimatic ID-S Series E12013 Download
Absolute AOS Digimatic Caliper MUK Download
Absolute Digimatic Bore Gauge E4208-511 Download
Absolute Digimatic Height Gauge E4255-570 Download
Bore Gage E3051-511 Download
Digimatic ID-H Indicator E4281-543 Download
Holtest/Borematic E4280-568,468,368 Download
Input Tool E4250-264 Download
Input Tool PRE1343 Download
IP Protection Classes PRE1213(2) Download
Linear Height PRE1286(3) Download
Measurlink Software 2096 Download
Micrometer MDH PRE1372 Download
Micrometer Heads E1006 Download
Ratchet Thimble Micrometer E4273-101/102 Download
Solar Powered Super Caliper E4282-500 Download
QM Height Gage PRE1424 Download
QuantuMike Micrometer MUK  Download
QuantuMike Flyer MUK  Download
QuantuMike Micrometer PRE1317(2) Download
U-Wave PRE1330(2) Download



2020 Catalogue

Section A Data Management Download / View / Share
Section B Micrometers / Micrometer Heads Download / View / Share
Section C Holtest / Inside Micrometers / Bore Gauges Download / View / Share
Section D Calipers / Height Gauges / Depth Gauges Download / View / Share
Section E Gauge Blocks / Reference Gauges Download / View / Share
Section F Digimatic Indicators / Dial Indicators / Dial Test Indicators & Stands Download / View / Share
Section G Sensor Systems Download / View / Share
Section H Integrated Scale Units / Linear Scales / Multifunction Displays Download / View / Share
Section J Optical Measuring Download / View / Share
Section K Vision Measuring Systems Download / View / Share
Section L Form Measurement Download / View / Share
Section M Hardness Testing Download / View / Share
Section N Coordinate Measuring Machines Download / View / Share